Quick Wiki Server Configuration

This page will help you configure your own server to run wiki for yourself and your friends. At each step you will make important decisions with our help. You will also take some actions, like subscribing to some service, or retrieving some information. We will do our best to be helpful. We will also generate specialized files you will need from our templates. Nothing you enter here will leave your browser. We will save your work in progress in your browser's local storage.

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1. Choose and Register Your Site's Domain Name

You will choose a domain name that will yours alone. We recommend shorter and pronounceable name though most of the good ones have already been taken. Try some twist on spelling like magikal.com or jenerous.org.

What name have you chosen?

2. Lease and Launch a Cloud Server

We recommend running a Docker One-Step available from Digital Ocean. Choose this from their marketplace. Choose the smallest version for $5/month. Launch it with the Create Droplet button.

What ip address has been assigned to your server?

3. Do the next step

We'll help and check that you are done.

4. Do the next step

We'll help and check that you are done.